Summer 2023 CS:GO Players Reshuffles: Latest Roster Changes & Updates

During the summer off-season reshuffle window, the majority of our favorite CS:GO teams are shaking things up, saying “hello” to new teammates and “good luck” to others, all in the name of chasing recognition and trophies. Finding a perfect line-up i

Exploring the CS:GO Workshop for Custom Maps and Skins

Today, CS:GO is one of the leading 5v5 competitive disciplines. Despite its simplicity, it still attracts gamers around the world. But what is the reason for such stability? Despite a barrage of criticism from the community, Valve still looks after i

NAVI 2023: New European CS:GO Roster Announcement

It is now official! Ukrainian eSports club NAVI announced the new Counter-Strike roster, and it is quite surprising, as this is the first black-and-yellow line-up that consists of not one but three European players. 👀 — NAV

CS2 Limited Test Update June 2023: New Map, Game Mode & Audio Changes

Right before the end of June 2023, Valve released another Counter-Strike 2 Limited Test update, which brought a new map and new game mode to the lucky players who got their access. Read further to find out more details on the latest CS2 patch. We wer

A Comprehensive Guide to the Best StatTrak™ CS:GO Skins

StatTrak™ skins, a unique feature within CS:GO, serve as a testament to a player’s dedication and prowess, creating a personalized gaming experience that adds a new layer of excitement to the already adrenaline-packed gameplay. But what exactly is St

CS:GO Stickers: Collections from DOTA 2 & Half-Life: Alyx

CS:GO stickers are masterpieces. Their creators search for inspiration from many sources, including other video games. These stickers feature characters or symbols from other games and can be a fun way for fans of those games to show their love for t

New Unique Cases by Hellcase - Trending CS:GO Skins Collection

Consider it a sign if you want to spice up your inventory with some fresh CS:GO skins! Today, we are thrilled to present five new cases by Hellcase that will pleasantly amaze you with their contents. In article you will find: What’s New in Trending C

The Best CS:GO Stickers of 2023: Lenticular Stickers

CS:GO stickers, the little pieces of virtual flair, have become a staple among the community, allowing players to customize their weapons even more and collect them. Valve regularly introduces new stickers to CS:GO, and it might be difficult to keep

Highlights & Skins Used by Pros of the First CS:GO Major Event

Showtime! CS:GO community has always loved LAN events for spectacular matches, fierce battles between the best pro teams ever, and the atmosphere of the arenas. In this article, we will go back in time to rewatch the greatest highlights of the first

The Best Keyboards For CS:GO 2023: An Ultimate Guide

Gaming devices are a very important component that helps the player to reach their full potential. The keyboard is one of them. At the moment, the market provides us with a huge selection of keyboards, and many people are wondering how to choose the