CS:GO Stickers: Collections from DOTA 2 & Half-Life: Alyx

CS:GO stickers are masterpieces. Their creators search for inspiration from many sources, including other video games. These stickers feature characters or symbols from other games and can be a fun way for fans of those games to show their love for them within the CS:GO servers.

In this article, we will show CS:GO stickers dedicated to DOTA 2, Half-Life: Alyx, and other video games, and then see what CS:GO weapon skins combine with them best.

Sticker Collections Dedicated To Other Video Games

CS:GO stickers can be applied both to weapon skins and vanilla models of the weapons. Like skins, they not only change the appearance of the items but also have different attributes such as rarity and material.

You can’t increase the float value of your weapon skins, but you can do that with applied stickers: just scratch them, and they will look more worn. Also, scratching stickers is the only way to remove them from your gun. Note that it can not be restored or re-applied once you remove the sticker. Before the final scratch, the game will notify you that you will remove the sticker forever if you continue.

So far, Valve has released five separate CS:GO stickers and four sticker capsules dedicated to five other games:

  • DOTA 2.
  • Half-Life: Alyx.
  • Halo.
  • Battlefield 2042.
  • Warhammer 40,000.

That’s a total of stickers in x unique designs. Let’s see them all!

DOTA 2 Stickers in CS:GO

DOTA 2 is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Valve. It was released in 2011 as a sequel to Defense of the Ancient, a mod initially created for Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

Even if you have never played the game, you must have heard about The International, the DOTA 2 world championship. The prize pool of this event in 2021 was $40,018,195, breaking the world record. As of now, eight TI events are in the top 10 of the Largest Overall Prize Pools in Esports ranking.

DOTA 2 is a game of strategic thinking, teamwork, and skill, where every match is a new adventure like no other. With a constantly changing meta and new heroes being added to the game, it offers an endless amount of strategies and tactics to master.

In Steam Workshop, a collection of CS:GO stickers inspired by DOTA 2 appeared in October, 2014. TheDanidem and Zaphk created it. Valve eventually added five of these stickers to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

List of DOTA 2-themed CS:GO stickers:

  • Doomed – $1.10.
  • Queen Of Pain – $1.10.
  • Piece of Cake – $1.
  • Witchcraft – $1.10.
  • Phoenix (Foil) – $5.50.

All of these stickers are High Grade. Doomed and Queen of Pain were added to the game as a part of the Community Stickers Halloween 2014, then Piece Of Cake and Phoenix (Foil) were released in Community Stickers Series 3 a month later. The last DOTA 2-themed sticker that got into CS:GO was Witchcraft . Valve added it to the Community Stickers Series 4 in February, 2015.

Piece of Cake sticker
Witchcraft sticker

In this collection, there were seven more stickers dedicated to DOTA 2, but unfortunately, they didn’t make it to the game. These are stickers with the game’s heroes Storm Spirit, Sniper, Anti-Mage, Bounty Hunter, Riki, Techies, and Tidehunter.

Fun fact: the sound of Sniper’s ultimate ability is designed based on the sound of the CS:GO’s AWP shot. So, it’s odd that the Sniper sticker didn’t make it to CS:GO.

If you like these DOTA 2 stickers but don’t know what skins they will suit, we have you covered. We came up with three options:

Doomed sticker

M4A4 | Hellfire and Doomed stickers are a perfect fit, especially if you like playing aggressively. A Factory New skin for M4A4 will cost you $85, but if you want a StatTrak™ variant, get your $150 ready. Two Doomed stickers cost $2.20.

Get M4A4 | Hellfire from the FACEIT CHALLENGE CS:GO Case.

Queen of Pain sticker

Queen of Pain stickers look astonishing on SSG 553 | Pulse . Also, if you scrape this sticker enough, a “YOU SUFFER FOOL” inscription and a heart icon will appear. This skin in Minimal Wear condition sells for $3.60, and four stickers with this hero cost $4.40.

Phoenix stickers

Get SSG 553 | Pulse from the Restricted CS:GO Case .

Apply three Phoenix stickers on AK-47 | Fuel Injector to craft a vivid yellow combo. This AK-47 skin is a bit pricey, but you can save some money by getting a Well-Worn variant for $90, as it’s still good-looking. Three stickers cost $16.50.

Get AK-47 | Fuel Injector from the Izako Boars CS:GO Case .

Half-Life: Alyx Sticker Capsule

The Half-Life franchise is a series of first-person shooter video games developed and published by Valve Corporation. The series began in 1998 with the release of the original Half-Life game, widely acclaimed for its innovative storytelling, immersive environments, and realistic physics.


The Half-Life games are set in a science-fiction universe with elements of horror and suspense. They follow the story of theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman, who finds himself caught in a dangerous situation when an experiment at the Black Mesa Research Facility goes wrong.

Valve released Half-Life: Alyx Sticker Capsule in March, 2020. It contains thirteen community-made CS:GO stickers inspired by Half-Life: Alyx, Valve’s title set between the events of Half-Life and Half-Life 2.

Valve released this Half-Life-themed sticker capsule alongside Collectible Pins and Patches to celebrate the launch of Half-Life: Alyx. Players who purchased Valve Index before Alyx’s release got a Genuine version of the Alyx Pin and an exclusive Half-Life: Alyx Music Kit.

Half Life Alyx

There are seven High-Grade Stickers, four Remarkable Stickers, and two Exotic Stickers in the Half-Life: Alyx Sticker Capsule.

High-Grade Stickers:

  • Vortigaunt the Painter – $0.05.
  • Big Hugs – $0.06.
  • Last Vance – $0.08.
  • Greetings – $0.08.
  • Gnome Mercy – $0.09.
  • Combine Helmet – $0.15.
  • Lambda – $0.70.

Remarkable Stickers:

  • Big Hugs (Holo) – $0.60.
  • Combine Helmet (Holo) – $0.85.
  • Vortigaunt (Holo) – $1.80.
  • Lambda (Holo) – $5.90.

Exotic Stickers:

  • Last Vance (Gold) – $4.30.
  • Health (Gold) – $19.

Stickers from the Half-Life: Alyx Sticker Capsule are a great way to salute the Half-Life series. Here are some of the best combinations of these stickers and CS:GO skins:

M4A1-S | Cyrex is quite an eye-catching skin itself, and Combine Helmet stickers match perfectly due to the similarities in their color schemes. The assault rifle skin in Factory New condition costs $30, and a Field-Tested option costs $15. The total price for three stickers is $0.45.

Get M4A1-S | Cyrex from the Supreme CS:GO Case .

The gold and black M4A4 | The Coalition in Factory New condition is quite expensive, it costs $318. however, you can get a Field-Tested skin for $33. Four Last Vance (Gold) stickers will cost you a bit less than $13.

Get M4A4 | The Coalition from the Black Panther CS:GO Case .

AWP | Asiimov is not available in Factory New, nor in Minimal Wear condition. A Field-Tested variant sells for $130, and the one with StatTrak™ – for $235. Four Lambda stickers cost $2.80.

Get AWP | Asiimov from the Advanced CS:GO Case .

The Halo Capsule

Halo is an FPS video game series that began in 2001 with the release of “Halo: Combat Evolved”. Set in the 26th century, the events of the Halo games are based on the stories of a super-soldier, Master Chief, and his artificial intelligence companion Cortana as they fight against aliens known as the Covenant. The Halo games are fast-paced, and they offer engaging multiplayer modes.

Valve added the Halo Capsule and the Halo Music Kit to CS:GO in November, 2019. These cosmetic items’ release coincided with the launch of Halo: Reach, the first game from The Master Chief Collection (a collection of every Halo shooter from the pre-Xbox One era) on Steam. The Halo Capsule was a joint promotion of 343 Industries and Valve.

Today we're excited to ship the @Halo Sticker Capsule in CS:GO! As an added bonus, users who purchase and play The Master Chief Collection on Steam will receive an exclusive Halo Music Kit in CS:GO. pic.twitter.com/s41vyGqMhq

— CS2 (@CounterStrike) November 26, 2019

The Halo capsule includes seventeen Halo-themed CS:GO stickers in ten designs. It was released in November, 2019 and had ten High-Grade stickers, five Remarkable Stickers, and two Exotic Stickers.

High-Grade Stickers

  • Chief – $0.15.
  • Spartan – $0.24.
  • Legendary – $0.24.
  • Noble – $0.30.
  • Dirty Money – $0.42.
  • Incineration – $0.43.
  • Extermination – $0.60.
  • Mister Chief – $1.03.
  • Assassin – $1.35.
  • Killjoy – $1.53.

Remarkable Stickers

  • Chief (Holo) – $0.62.
  • Noble (Holo) – $1.38.
  • Assassin (Holo) – $3.10.
  • Incineration (Holo) – $4.45.
  • Killjoy (Holo) – $4.75.

Exotic Stickers

  • Chief (Foil) – $1.25.
  • Legendary (Foil) – $2.10.

We came up with two combinations of CS:GO skins featuring stickers from the Halo Capsule:

AK-47 | Redline rocks it with Killjoy stickers because both cosmetics are made in black and red. The AK-47 skin in Minimal Wear condition costs $75, and a Field-Tested version sells for $16. Four Killjoy stickers will cost you around $6.15.

Get AK-47 | Redline from the 70 000 000 CS:GO Case .

The Classified P250 | Franklin and Dirty Money were made to complement each other, and the difference in the denomination of banknotes is not that big of a deal. This Factory New pistol skin sells for $2.30, and four stickers cost less than $1.70.

Get P250 | Franklin from the Rainbow CS:GO Case .

Battlefield 2042 Sticker Capsule

Battlefield 2042 , also known as Battlefield IV, is a multiplayer FPS video game developed by DICE and published by Electronic Arts.

In November, 2019, Valve released Battlefield 2042 Sticker Capsule a few days before Battlefield 2042 became available worldwide on Steam.

Today we're excited to ship the @Battlefield 2042 Sticker Capsule featuring 12 unique designs from Battlefield 2042, releasing November 19th! Get your sticker capsule in-game now and pre-order BF 2042 on Steam: https://t.co/Ma7FWXfHf5 pic.twitter.com/KE60oi7lNO

— CS2 (@CounterStrike) November 18, 2021

Battlefield 2042 Sticker Capsule includes a total of seventeen stickers in twelve unique designs. There are ten High-Grade stickers, four Remarkable Stickers, and three Exotic ones.

High-grade stickers:

  • Ready For Battle – $0.13.
  • Come Here Boy – $0.13.
  • Battlefield Portal – $0.16.
  • PTFO – $0.37.
  • Knives Out – $0.38.
  • BF 2042 – $0.40
  • Mr. Chompy – $0.46.
  • PAC AI – $0.75
  • Forty Two – $0.95.
  • No Pats – $1.15.

Remarkable stickers:

  • PTFO (Holo) – $0.50.
  • Wingsuit (Holo) – $0.66.
  • Ready For Battle (Holo) – $0.73.
  • No Pats (Holo) – $4.10.

Exotic Stickers:

  • Mr. Chompy (Foil) – $3.24.
  • PAC AI (Foil) – $6.63.
  • Tornado Chaos (Foil) – $15.80.

Here are three combinations of CS:GO skins and Battlefield 2042 stickers for M4A4, AUG, and AWP.

M4A4 | Desolate Space is a custom-painted Classified skin that will cost you $29 in Factory New condition and $11 in Minimal Wear condition. This one looks great with two Tornado Chaos (Foil) stickers that cost around $32 in total.

Get M4A4 | Desolate Space from the DNA Collector CS:GO Case .

The color schemes of the AUG | Momentum and Knives Out stickers match just right. A Factory New variant of the AUG skin costs $24, and a Field-Tested one costs $3. For four stickers, you will have to pay $1.60.

Get AUG | Momentum from the Namaste CS:GO Case .

AWP | Chromatic Aberration is a Covert sniper riffle skin that sells for $65 in Factory New condition, but some of the Field-Tested variants that cost $27 will still work. Four No Pats (Holo) stickers cost less than $17.

Get AWP | Chromatic Aberration from the Recoil CS:GO Case .

Warhammer 40,000 Sticker Capsule

Warhammer 40,000 is a franchise that started in 1987 with a tabletop miniature wargame set in a dystopian science-fantasy universe. Players control armies made up of miniature models of soldiers, monsters, and vehicles, and use dice and rulebooks to simulate battles and resolve conflicts.

The games are set in a grim dark future where humanity is locked in an eternal war against various alien races and malevolent powers. The Warhammer 40,000 franchise includes more than a thousand books and tales, ten comic books, fifteen board games, and more than sixty video games, known for its vast lore and dedicated fanbase.

Valve released Warhammer 40,000 Sticker Capsule in May, 2020. It consists of seventeen items: ten High-Grade stickers, four Remarkable stickers, and three Exotic stickers.

High-grade stickers:

  • Aeldari Avatar – $0.26.
  • Primaris Keychain – $0.30.
  • Repulsor – $0.38.
  • Ork Waaagh! – $0.40.
  • Necron – $0.40.
  • Full Buy – $0.41.
  • Tyranids Ravener – $0.50.
  • Space Marine – $0.55.
  • Adepta Sororitas – $0.95.
  • Heresy – $1.08.

Remarkable stickers:

  • Lord of Skulls (Holo) – $1.10.
  • Space Marine (Holo) – $1.40.
  • Tyranids Hive Tyrant (Holo) – $1.50.
  • Heresy (Holo) – $4.05.

Exotic Stickers:

  • Bloodthirster (Foil) – $3.05.
  • Chaos Marine (Foil) – $5.30.
  • Emperor (Foil) – $8.40.

If you want a brand-new looking AWP | Containment Breach , get $315 ready, as that’s the price of the Factory New variants. However, even the Well-Worn variants of this skin still look great and will cost you only $50. Four Necron stickers cost $1.60.

Get AWP | Containment Breach from the Pendulum CS:GO Case .

A Factory New AK-47 | Asiimov with StatTrak™ costs around $500. If you’re not willing to pay that much, go for the Minimal Wear skin which sells for around $50. Three Heresy (Holo) stickers will cost you $12.

AWP | Wildfire is a Covert sniper riffle skin, and in Factory New condition, it costs $130. You can also find decent-looking Field-Tested skins that sell for $60. Four Chaos Marine (Foil) stickers cost $21.

Get AK-47 | Asiimov and AWP | Wildfire from the Covert CS:GO Case .

csgo sticker capsules

To Wrap Up!

CS:GO stickers dedicated to other video games and gaming franchises not only allow players to personalize their in-game weapons but also serve as a way to promote these games and bring attention to a wider gaming community. So great to show off your love for DOTA 2 on CS:GO servers, right?

With the ever-growing popularity of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, we can expect to see even more exciting designs and collaborations with other video games and publishers in the future. In the meantime, explore our blog for more articles about CS:GO skins and other cosmetics, guides, and esports news.