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2023 might be a year of big change for CS:GO fans as there are rumors that the game will be released on the new Source 2 engine. Esports journalist Richard Lewis believes that Valve might release a new version in March or April. The game is expected to be titled Counter-Strike 2. Players will benefit from optimized graphics as well as a new and improved matchmaking system that is designed to reduce reliance on third-party platforms. Hellcase, just like you, is looking forward to this event, so we have prepared unique cases for our users with interesting, valuable skins.

What Cases Hellcase Has Created In Honor Of CS:GO 2?

In honor of the possible release of a new version of the game, we have prepared three cases with amazing skins for you: Stunning Source 2, Iconic Counter-Strike 2, Mystery Of CS:GO 2 . In each case, half of the skins have Covert rarity, two cases have knife skins. We invite you to multiply the joy by opening new cases by Hellcase for CS:GO Source 2 where you can get a valuable weapon skin and use it in battles.

Stunning Source 2 Case

The Stunning Source 2 case contains 20 stunning skins designed for weapons used by both Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. For example, for the USP-S pistol, which is available only to special forces, the case contains such skins as Caiman and Printstream. For the Glock-18 pistol, which is available only to terrorists, the case contains skins such as Twilight Galaxy and Pink DDPAT. Also, owners of special forces weapons have a chance to get such valuable items as M4A4 | Hellfire , M4A1-S | Atomic Alloy .

Hellcase chose one of the best skins only for owners of terrorist weapons – AK-47 | Asiimov, AK-47 | Neon Rider , AK-47 | Red Laminate . If you are a fan of knife duels, then we have four knife skins – for Karambit, Skeleton Knife, Talon Knife, and Paracord Knife. Don’t miss the opportunity to get a valuable item for your amazing battles in our unique case, which costs $52.

What is in Stunning Source 2

Iconic Counter-Strike 2 Case

The Iconic Counter-Strike 2 case consists of 20 incredible items, among which there are some truly iconic skins. M4A1-S | Golden Coil is an incredibly beautiful skin that belongs to the best golden skins category. Other skins exclusively for special forces weapons include M4A4 | The Emperor , M4A4 | Cyber Security , and M4A1-S | Decimator . For terrorists with AK-47, we have chosen the following items: Orbit Mk01, Leet Museo, and Cartel.

If you are a fan of changing the course of the game with melee weapons, then you probably collect knife skins. Hellcase put two knife skins into the Iconic Counter-Strike 2 CS:GO Case which costs just $14. One for the Huntsman Knife and one for the Flip Knife. Please yourself with a new skin on the eve of the release of Counter-Strike Source 2, which will surely bring you new emotions and achievements.

What is in Iconic Counter-Strike 2

Mystery Of CS:GO 2 Case

The Mystery Of CS:GO 2 case is the last case from the Source 2 collection. It consists of 20 amazing skins for pistols and rifles. Especially for T-side players, we have chosen such amazing items as AK-47 | Frontside Misty , AK-47 | Rat Rod , AK-47 | Nightwish, and others.

Exclusively for players who belong to the CT-side, we have chosen such valuable items as M4A1-S | Player Two , M4A1-S | Nightmare , M4A1-S | Basilisk . For commandos with a USP-S pistol, the case contains such skins as Monster Mashup, The Traitor, Cortex. All of them have a bright design with impressive print. For terrorists with a Glock-18 pistol, we have prepared no less juicy designer masterpieces, including Vogue, Neo-Noir, and a more restrained Royal Legion skin. For just $5, you can open one or more cases. It is unlikely that you will regret the skins from cases of CS:GO 2.

What is in Mystery Of CS_GO 2

How to Obtain Cases from CS:GO Source 2 Collection?

You can open from one to ten cases at a time. To do this, you need to log in to your profile on the Hellcase platform and select the desired case and the number of openings. After the opening animation of the case, you can enjoy the prizes and take part in the opening of a similar case or another case from the Source 2 collection again.

What Else to Consider?

In addition to three cases dedicated to the release of Counter-Strike Source 2, we have other unusual cases for players. We offer exciting themed and seasonal cases where you can win not only a skin, but also a balance, an agent, a case, and wartags. Check out Hellcase Premium Cases , On Fire Cases , and Multicases.

To Wrap Up

The release of CS:GO 2 is an opportunity to discover new features in the popular shooter. Skins from our unique cases will allow you to prepare effectively for the upcoming event and recharge your motivation and goals.