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St. Valentine’s Day is a magical time to confess your love. If the CS:GO game is your love and passion, then it’s time to please yourself with gifts. LOVESPACE by Hellcase is an incredible opportunity to purchase amazing skins and cases at a nice holiday price. Let’s find out more about LOVESPACE because you are unlikely to miss such a tempting offer.


LOVESPACE is a St. Valentine’s Day feature for CS:GO players where you can buy a gift box with cases and items at an attractive price. The design of the LOVESPACE event looks like a mini-game. A user can see the colorful map, which shows eight containers decorated with beautiful teddy bears. Each container is a gift box, which includes several elements, among which there may be cases or skins. The player can view the cost of the gift box by hovering the cursor over the container, as well as evaluate the content by clicking on the desired container. One or another pack with cases and skins is available for purchase for a week. Pack content changes after seven days.

Time flies, especially before the holidays. However, you don’t have to worry about missing the opportunity to purchase the pack. The creators of the LOVESPACE event have implemented support for a timer, with which you can track the time. The LOVESPACE feature is available to all users of the Hellcase platform.

what is lovespace

Why is LOVESPACE Worth it?

LOVESPACE is a great chance to replenish your inventory with new skins at an affordable price. Buying game elements in the traditional way will cost you several times more. Each St. Valentine’s Day pack includes from five to ten game elements, including cases and skins. You can trust luck and purchase a pack with a case that can contain regular and dull skins, or you can choose a pack that contains valuable and bright skin.

How do the Packs Work?

LOVESPACE is about freedom of choice. The content of each St. Valentine’s Day pack is only valid for a week. After purchasing the pack, you can use the skins in the traditional way. You are welcome to use stickers to make your skin even more unique. Moreover, in the future, you can sell the skin at a better price or buy an item for a more interesting one.
Check out Valentine’s packs:

How to Obtain Gained Items?

Managing the cases and skins received as part of LOVESPACE is as simple as possible. After the transaction is completed, a user needs to go to their Hellcase profile and find the “Items” tab. In this section, a player can view all available cases and skins purchased as part of the LOVESPACE event. You can withdraw the skin and open the case at any time convenient for you.

What CS:GO Valentine Skins Can be Dropped Here?

In St. Valentine’s Day packs, you can find weapon skins, including pistols, rifles, and knives. Game elements have different levels of rarity and cost. However, in LOVESPACE, players of all skill levels can find a skin that allows them to express their individual play styles. For example, you can obtain the Desert Eagle | Blaze item . This is a pistol with a bright flame design that has a fairly high cost, reaching several hundred dollars. The rarity of this skin is Restricted and is used by some famous pro players, including device, coldzera, and KRIMZ. Despite the lack of StatTrak support, the value of this skin is quite high. The pistol is only available in Factory New and Minimal Wear versions. Its drop chance is 15,98%, so it makes sense to purchase this skin as part of a gift pack. This is just one of the quite valuable skins that gamers can get. Let’s take a look at more CS:GO skins that you can add to their inventory.

valentine skins and cases

What are Valentine Skins & Cases?

On the LOVESPACE map, you can choose one or more prize packs, which differ in value. The price of each container is $350,45. When evaluating the contents of the pack, you can also see the price tag of each case and skin. The cost of a case can be less than $10 or more than $200. For example, among the St. Valentine’s Day cases are Yakimisu Case, Illusion Fade, Baltimor Case, FadeXCS Case, Golden Case, etc. The good news for CS:GO players is that every week you have the opportunity to buy a pack with new content. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the purchase of St. Valentine’s Day packs. You can greatly diversify your inventory, as St. Valentine’s Day containers include skins for knives, pistols, and rifles.

To Wrap Up!

LOVESPACE is a festive feature that a CS:GO player is unlikely to miss. If you dream of expanding your collection of skins, then LOVESPACE is a great opportunity to make your dream come true.