Tips for Choosing the Best CS:GO Nickname

Do you remember your first nickname in CS:GO or any other video game? Picking a CS:GO nickname is a big part of making a gaming identity for yourself. With a well-thought-out nickname, you can stand out in the community and even earn the respect of other players.

Your CS:GO nickname should be catchy and easy to remember. There are so many choices that deciding which one to pick can be tricky. So, we wrote this article to help you come up with the best CS:GO nickname and learn what nicknames are, how to change them, and why they are popular.

What are CS:GO nicknames?

In CS:GO and other online games, a nickname is a unique identifier a player chooses to use online. It is also called a gamer tag, a username, or an IGN (in-game name).

what are csgo nicknames

Nicknames are a way for players to tell each other apart on the server, and they can also show something about a player’s personality or interests. In some games, players can change their nickname or display name, but in others, once a nickname is picked, it becomes permanent.

How to Get a Nickname on CS:GO?

While coming up with nicknames for CS:GO seems simple, it might become challenging. If you want a new nickname but don’t know where to start, try searching for inspiration in movies, songs, history, anime, and everything surrounding you. Hell, even memes can help!

Tips On Picking CS:GO Nicknames

Choosing a CS:GO nickname might not seem like a big deal, but it’s a big part of who you are as a gamer. Other players will know you by your nickname, which can alter how they perceive you. So, if you can’t think of a nickname that fits you and how you play, here are a few tips to help you.

  • Keep it simple.

Avoid nicknames that are too hard to remember or say, like ones that are too long or complicated. Instead, choose something short, catchy, and easy to say.

  • Be original.

Try to think of a nickname that no one has ever used before. It is recommended not to use names or nicknames that are too common or have already been taken by other players, especially if you want to become a pro player or a content creator.

  • Include your interests.

Think about putting your hobbies or other interests into your nickname. For example, if you love to play the guitar, you could call yourself “Strum”. Yep, there are better examples than this, but you get the idea.

  • Use a pun or wordplay.

Nicknames that are clever puns or wordplays can be easy to remember. Just make sure it’s not too corny or stupid.

  • Think about how you like to play.

Your nickname can also show how you like to play. If you play defensive roles, you could be called “Turtle”; if you play aggressively, you could be called “Predator”. If you are unsure what your playstyle is, read our article covering the most popular CS:GO playstyles and how to master each.

  • Avoid using offensive language.

Using a provocative or offensive nickname might be tempting, but it’s important to remember that other players might think it’s rude or insensitive, and rules forbid it. So, try to keep it clean and polite at all times.

  • Think about how you look.

How other players see you can also be affected by your nickname. If you want to be taken seriously, pick a more professional nickname, or go with a more playful or funny nickname if you want to be seen as someone who likes to have fun.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be well on your way to picking the perfect CS:GO nickname to help you stand out and leave your mark on the game.

How To Add Text Symbols To Your CS:GO Nickname

To customize your in-game name, you can use various text symbols: stylized letters, icons, and emojis. Multiple free resources on the web let you copy the characters you need and paste them into your CS:GO nickname.

Here are a few examples of special symbols you can use:

☆ ❄ ™ ♫ ☀ ➔ ✛ ☮ ☯ ☢ ☠ ♥ ✘ ッ ⍨ ❑ ◒ ㊰.

If your nickname is “radioactive”, you can add “☢” symbols to customize the IGN and make it stand out on the leaderboard: “☢ radioactive ☢”.

Don’t forget to double-check that the game recognizes all the symbols you added to your nickname and displays them correctly. Then, you’re all set!

How To Add A Clan Tag In CS:GO

If you want to add a little bit of spice to the game and feel like a part of your favorite team, you can use clan tags to go with your nickname in-game.

To do that, join the official Steam Group dedicated to the team you like, and then choose their tag in the CS:GO’s “Game Settings”. Then, when you play, the clan tag will be displayed next to your nickname on the leaderboard, the kill feed, and the chat.

Also, you can create your own clan tags, and you need to create a Steam Group for that. You can not copy existing tags, so your tag must be unique.

How To Change a Nickname on CS:GO?

If you are bored with your nickname and want to change it, there is an easy way to do it. Open Steam and click on the Friends tab in the bottom left corner.

Then, click the arrow near your nickname and choose “Change nickname” in the drop-down menu. A new window will pop up where you can enter your new desired nickname.

Why did CS:GO Nicknames Become so Popular?

CS:GO nicknames are a great way to add personality to your in-game agent. A great CS:GO nickname can strike fear, respect, or admiration from your opponents and even become a part of your legacy as a player.

Whether a reference to a favorite movie or TV show, a clever pun, or a nod to a personal interest, a well-crafted nickname can set you apart from the crowd and make you stand out as a player.

Also, you can get matching nicknames and profile pictures with your best gaming buds. For example, Stewie2k got his nickname from when he was playing together with his friends, and each had a name of a Family Guy character as their IGN. Read other stories behind nicknames of professional CS:GO players , and maybe you’ll get inspired for yours!

tips for choosing the best cgo nickname

In addition to being a form of self-expression, nicknames in CS:GO can also play a practical role in the game. Since players are often referred to by their nicknames, having a distinctive or memorable name can make it easier for your teammates to communicate with you during gameplay.

Overall, CS:GO nicknames have become popular for their ability to provide anonymity, showcase personality, and create recognition within the gaming community.


Using a CS:GO nickname, everyone can enjoy playing the game without revealing their real names. The benefits of anonymity especially appeal to those who want to avoid using their real names online.

It Shows Your Personality

In CS:GO, a player’s nickname can reflect what kind of person they are or what they like, giving them a creative way to express themselves on the server. Adding personality to in-game names can provide people in the gaming community with a sense of identity and belonging.

May be Known in Other Games

Many CS:GO players use the same nickname in other video games and even on social media, which can help them build a reputation or a following in different communities. This can be extra helpful for streamers or content creators who want to reach more people than just CS:GO players.

To Wrap Up!

We hope you have already decided on your next CS:GO nickname! And if this article still didn’t help you decide what to go with, don’t worry. Oftentimes, the fitting nickname will come to you when you expect the least, just like inspiration or true love.

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How to get nicknames in CS:GO?
You can come up with your new CS:GO nickname and change it in Steam Settings. Luckily, multiple players can have the same names, so you can think of unique names for your account or borrow someone else’s that you like.
How to change your name in CS:GO?
Open Steam, click on the Friends tab in the bottom left corner. Then, click the arrow button near your nickname and choose “Change nickname” in the drop-down menu. A new window will pop up where you can enter your new desired nickname.
Is your CS:GO name your Steam name?
Yes, your CS:GO name matches your Steam name, but it can differ from the Steam username you log in with. However, even if you use any in-game tag, it will not be shown in your Steam profile name.
What are the coolest CS:GO nicknames?
The coolest CS:GO nicknames are the ones that stand out from the rest. Come up with a unique name that will let you express your personality on the server, or just follow the popular trends and go with a nice meme-dedicated nickname.