New CS2 Details Uncovered By Data Miners - Pt 1- Hellcase Blog

Ladies and gentlemen, Counter-Strike 2 is real and launching this summer. We have already covered the announcement of the biggest update, peeked at the first gameplay streams, and found the best memes about CS2 yet. Data miners dedicate hours examini

Is CS2 Sub-Tick System vs 64-Tick & 128-Tick? - Hellcase Blog

For quite a long time, many CS:GO players preferred third-party platforms like FACEIT and ESEA to regular in-game matchmaking. One of the reasons for that is the difference in the tick rate of the servers. These online gaming platforms offer servers

My Spring Loadout Competition: Winners Determined - Hellcase Blog

The My Spring Loadout competition has concluded and it’s time to recognize the talented participants who showcased their creativity and skills. In the past competition, contestants were required to draw a fictitious or existing item to win a CS:GO sk

Cloud9 and ENCE ESL Pro League Season 17 - Hellcase Blog

On Thursday, Cloud9 and ENCE both won their matches and secured their spots in the quarterfinals at the ESL Pro League Season 17 in Saint Julian’s, Malta. Here, we will look closer at a review of the match, predictions, and highlights. In article you

New Source 2 Gleam Giveaway - Hellcase Blog

Each CS:GO player strives to improve his gaming skills and update his inventory with new interesting skins. We support this endeavor and invite you to participate in the Source 2 giveaway where you can get a valuable item as a gift by completing simp

Navi vs Outsiders ESL Pro League Season 17 - Hellcase Blog

On March 22, the ESL 2023 Navi vs Outsiders match happened. The teams competed for the opportunity to advance to the quarterfinals of ESL Pro League Season 17. We’re going to show you a review of the match, predictions, and highlights. How did this s

CS2 First Gameplay Impressions, Bugs, Memes - Hellcase Blog

The Limited Test of the newest Counter-Strike 2 is at full blast. Professional players, streamers, and content creators have already had a chance to try out what Valve has to offer. For example, smooya had hit 1,000,000,000 total views on his latest

Counter-Strike 2 Release: Dates, Features & More - Hellcase Blog

Attention, this is not a drill! Counter-Strike 2, the CS:GO killer, is real and coming in the Summer of 2023. Valve announced that in a few months, they would finally release the long-awaited update to begin a new era of Counter-Strike. Also, they le

What is Hellcase Premium & How Does it Work? - Hellcase Blog

CS:GO is a game for active, resourceful gamers who are ready to use all possible tools to improve their gaming experience and develop new strategies. With a Hellcase Premium subscription, dreams that seem impossible to you will turn into fully achiev

A Complete Guide to CS:GO Radar Settings - Hellcase Blog

The success of a CS:GO player is determined by many factors, such as individual performance, ability to play in a team, player experience, and, of course, the speed of information processing and decision-making. One of the main sources of information