CS:GO Team Color Loadouts: Ranked 5th - 1th - Hellcase Blog

Show off the colors of your favorite teams on the server! In this two-part article, we compiled the best loadouts of skins to match the colors of the greatest CS:GO teams, according to HLTV. Find a loadout dedicated to your favorite team here to see

Top CS:GO Tournaments in 2023 - Hellcase Blog

For more than ten years, CS:GO has been one of the leading games in eSports, with a massive following and some of the most prestigious tournaments in the industry. The tournament schedule is jam-packed, making it a little hard to keep track of all th

AWP | Doodle Lore Replaced with AWP | Duality - Hellcase Blog

Ah ****, here we go again. Yet another plagiarism scandal broke out in the CS:GO community. This time, it’s about AWP | Doodle Lore. On February 10, Valve pushed the “Case, Capsule, Kit, Oh My!” update that brought in a new weapon case, a new sticker

FaZe Clan's Epic Journey to Intel Grand Slam Season 4 - Hellcase Blog

Over several years, professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams have been fighting in epic battles seeking to claim this elite title of the Intel Grand Slam winners and the ultimate $1,000,000 prize. In this article, we will go over FaZe Clan

Reactions & Thoughts of Pro Players About CS 2 - Hellcase Blog

Probably every single person in the world who has played computer games has heard of CS. In different series, this game has found millions of fans and has become one of the leading disciplines in eSports. But progress does not stand still, and we are

Player preferences for Counter-Strike 2 Features - Hellcase Blog

With Counter-Strike 2 launching this summer, developers will bring new smoke grenade mechanics, upgraded graphics, a new audio system, and more. As we approach the release date, more details about new features will be revealed. However, the CS commun

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Shooters are one of the most popular game genres that have existed in the gaming market since its inception. During this time, they have attracted millions of players around the world and have become popular in competitive terms. However, with the re

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Only a few days remain until we witness sixteen great CS:GO teams competing at two BLAST Premier Spring Showdown tournaments: European & American. Let’s find out the details about participating teams, dates, and where to watch upcoming matches. Both

First Counter-Strike 2 LAN Show Match - Hellcase Blog

It has become a tradition of CS:GO tournaments to host show matches before the Grand Finals to warm the audience and set the atmosphere ahead of the high-stakes grand finals, and ESL Pro League Season 17 continued this tradition. However, the show ma

FaZe & Cloud9 ESL Pro League Season 17 Final - Hellcase Blog

The ESL Pro League Season 17 has recently concluded, with an exciting match that left viewers on the edge of their seats. The victorious team received $200,000 from the total prize pool of $850,000, along with 3,000 BLAST Premier Points and invitatio