IEM Rio 2023 Tournament: ESL Pro Tour - Hellcase Blog

Next week, Rio de Janeiro will host Intel Extreme Masters, the much-anticipated S-Tier tournament organized by ESL. Sixteen top-tier teams from around the globe will compete for a staggering prize pool of $250,000 and a slot at the IEM Cologne 2023.

Cheap AWP Skins: Best Skins for Under $10 | Hellcase Blog

You might be hitting the most insane no-scope wall-bang highlights with your AWP skins, but it’s not as pleasant to rewatch and share these clips if you’re using a default skin, is it? An eye-catching AWP skin is a must-have item for all sniper playe

Overpass Molotov Tutorial - Guide with Illustrations- Hellcase Blog

The Overpass is one of the most complicated maps in CS:GO. Some pro players hate this map due to its complex construction. We recommend it to more experienced players who have already mastered the basic mechanics and concepts of the game. If you thin

Recap of Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR A - Hellcase Blog

On April 6-9, the Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR A CS:GO matches took place, determining the 1-st half of the teams representing Europe in the upcoming Paris Major 2023. Paris Major 2023 Europe RMR B will start on April 11, so

CS:GO Team Color Loadouts: Ranked 10th - 5th - Hellcase Blog

Rep your team with pride! If you are a die-hard fan of a particular CS:GO team and want to show your support on the server, this article is for you. Here, we assembled the best CS:GO loadouts in the colors of your favorite teams that will let you rep Paris Major 2023 RMR Europe A: Overview & Highlights - Hellcase Blog

On April 6, Paris Major Europe RMR A started. The tournament is taking place in Denmark, where 16 teams are competing. The top eight teams will advance to the Paris Major and three more teams will get to the European RMR Decider. Th

CS:GO Autoexec: How to Create CFG File - Hellcase Blog

Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is considered one of the most detailed shooters in terms of mechanics and physics. It has quite a few options that allow the player to customize the game for themselves. This article will focus on the config and Autoex

Top 10 CS:GO Skins with Easter Eggs - Hellcase Blog

CS:GO skins with easter eggs are more than just cosmetic enhancements, as they are a canvas for creativity and hidden surprises. Throughout the years, skin authors have incorporated subtle references or secret features into their designs. This articl Paris Major 2023 RMR Tournament - Hellcase Blog

First for France, first for BLAST, and last for CS:GO, the Paris Major 2023 RMR will be held in May, boasting a $1,250,000 prize pool sixteen best teams will compete for. But before the year’s main event kicks off, participants need to be de

BLAST Premier Spring American & European Showdown - Hellcase Blog

The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2023 for Europe and America has just ended, and we have the results! We’ll discuss the BLAST Premier: Spring American Showdown and the Spring European Showdown, starting with a matching overview and ending with the w