Celebrating 7 Years of Hellcase: The Best Drops in 7 Years - Hellcase Blog

Hey there, fellow gamers! It’s time to celebrate because your beloved platform, Hellcase, is turning seven years old! Can you believe it? For those new to the scene, Hellcase is the go-to online platform for buying and opening cases filled with skins

New Final CS:GO Major Gleam Giveaway - Hellcase Blog

It’s time for the New Final CS:GO Major Gleam giveaway! This giveaway celebrates the Final CS:GO Major, with exclusive prizes for fans to win. Read on to find out how to get fantastic prizes. In article you will find: What’s New? All info about New F

Guide for Creating CS:GO Stickers in the Workshop - Hellcase Blog

Creating any kind of content is always an interesting and informative task. Artists, musicians, and other authors spend a lot of time and effort to bring their creations to perfection. This also goes for content creators in CS:GO. In this guide, we w

CS:GO Pro Players Nicknames & Their Origins - Hellcase Blog

One of the secrets of becoming a popular CS:GO pro player, streamer, or content maker is a catchy nickname your fans will know you by. It’s best to be creative with your nickname and try to come up with a unique and easy-to-remember one. If you are u

Unleash the Power of CS:GO Dragon-Themed Skins - Hellcase Blog

People of Chinese heritage worldwide celebrate Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival. It is a time to come together with loved ones and friends to celebrate the start of the new year. Dragons symbolize good fortune and are a big part of

The Best CS:GO Reptile Themed Skins - Hellcase Blog

If you adore the beauty of cold-blooded creatures, you are in the right place. Cosmetic items in CS:GO add a unique and distinctive look to players’ weapons, and reptile-themed skins are a great way to stand out in the crowd. Whether you’re a fan of

10 Best Anubis Collection CS:GO Skins to Try Out- Hellcase Blog

Well, buckle up, as Valve just released the new Anubis Collection! With BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major approaching, one thing that needed to be added is a set of new skins for an Anubis Souvenir Package, as this will be the first (and the last) CS:GO Maj

Anti-Cheat: How To Avoid Cheaters in CS:GO - Hellcase Blog

Counter-Strike Global Offensive is an extremely popular video game millions of players worldwide enjoy. Among many factors, it became admired for its competitive gameplay, thriving esports scene, and requiring people to work together to win matches.

The Best Anime-Themed CS:GO Skins & Loadouts - Hellcase Blog

The popularity of Japanese animation, or anime, has skyrocketed worldwide in recent years, its influence reaching far and wide, including the CS:GO community. However, a growing trend of anime-themed CS:GO weapon skins has emerged, capturing the imag

Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023 Final Review - Hellcase Blog

The Intel Extreme Masters Rio 2023 has recently concluded, and the final match was epic! Today, we’ll look at the Playoff Stage results and find out who received $100,000 and a deserved ticket to IEM Cologne 2023. In case you missed all the action an