CS:GO Update Replaces Dust 2 with Anubis

Anubis is a community-made map created by the winners of the Mapcore Mapping Contest 2019: Roald, jakuza, and jd40. Valve first added Anubis to CS:GO’s Scrimmage map pool in May, 2019, and a week later, players got to play it in the Competitive mode.

Rank Up Faster: Find a Playstyle That Fits You - Hellcase Blog

A personal approach and playstyle are among the many factors that impact your performance. Whether you prefer defensive roles, aggressive, or mixed ones, discovering and adapting a playstyle that fits you can lead to winning more matches in CS:GO and

Is Hellcase Scam or a Ligit Platform: Detailed Overview

Buying, selling, and exchanging are the foundations of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Almost every player has traded a CS: GO item at least once. Finding a secure website offering a trade service is easy. Just typing “CS: GO” on Google will give u

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CS:GO玩家都知道,开箱是一种让你有机会获取各种酷炫皮肤和装备的方式。虽然不是所有人都喜欢这种方法,但有时你可能会被某个特别的外观吸引,想要试试手气。在这里,我向大家介绍四个比较好的CSGO开箱网站。 CSGORoll CSGORoll是一个非常受欢迎的开箱网站,已经在业内存在了好几年。这个网站有很多种开箱类型可供选择,包括传统的武器箱和专业箱子,还有不同的价格范围和皮肤系列。与其他类似的网站不同,CSGORoll还提供了轮盘赌和其他赌博游戏,如果你厌倦了开箱,可以尝试一下这些游戏。 点击这里

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