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The true meaning of games like CS:GO is different for every person. Some people see this as an opportunity to have a good time with their friends. Others play Counter Strike: Global Offensive just not to get bored. These kinds of games are great sour

CS:GO First Cosmetics of 2023: Revolution Case & More - Hellcase Blog

New year, new cosmetics! On February 9, Valve released the first cosmetic items of 2023: a new weapon case, a sticker capsule, and a music kit. Today we're excited to ship the Revolution Case, the Espionage Sticker Capsule, and the ULTIMATE music kit

New Lovespace Feature for Valentine's Day - Hellcase Blog

St. Valentine’s Day is a magical time to confess your love. If the CS:GO game is your love and passion, then it’s time to please yourself with gifts. LOVESPACE by Hellcase is an incredible opportunity to purchase amazing skins and cases at a nice hol

What is Hellcase Daily Free - Hellcase Blog

Hellcase is a platform that offers a wide variety of cases for CS: GO and Dota 2. Given the variety and huge selection, CS: GO players will be able to find a lot of both original and unique cases to buy and open them. Hellcase often holds various eve

Weapon Skins History: The Oldest CS:GO Skins & Cases - Hellcase Blog

Modern CS:GO is unimaginable without skins. Cosmetic items have been an integral element of the game since they were introduced and have impacted CS:GO’s massive popularity growth worldwide. Weapon skins have evolved alongside the game for more than

What are The Most Expensive CS:GO Skins - Hellcase Blog

CS:GO skins do not impact the game’s mechanics, but they are visually appealing. Alongside vivid colors, they brought the opportunity for players to stand out from the crowd. While you can assemble a decent CS:GO inventory for about $10, certain skin

Best CS:GO Skins Collection for Valentine's Day - Hellcase Blog

Valentine’s Day is a special time of year for people in love worldwide. There are a lot of ways to show love for your significant other when both of you are inveterate gamers, and one of them is getting special matching skins in CS:GO. In this articl

CS:GO Skins Finish Styles: A Simple Guide - Hellcase Blog

It could’ve been a pure curiosity, or a goal to become a CS:GO skin creator that led you here. As Valve states, the recipe for creating a skin is simple: all you need is a weapon and an idea of how to decorate it. However, to create a skin you must a

Most Important CS:GO Updates of 2022 - Hellcase Blog

Any game, including our beloved CS:GO, needs regular updates, new content, and occurring bug fixes to improve the gameplay. Without updates, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive would be pretty much the same as it was when Valve released the game in 2013

CS:GO Anubis Map Ultimate Review - Hellcase Blog

Like any other game, CS:GO does not stand still. Developers are trying to improve and update the game. Today we will talk about the latest patch, the changes in the map pool, and the opinions of the players about this update. In particular, we will t