Paris Major 2023 Challengers Stage Finals: Highlights & Results

The final day of the Paris Major Challengers Stage has come to a close, but the excitement is far from over. Today, we will examine who seized the last chance to earn the Legendary Status. So keep reading to discover the match results and witness the highlights.

Best-Of-Three Matches: Who Advanced to Legends Stage?

The final day of the Paris Major Challengers Stage 2023 was filled with intense matches. Six teams competed for the Legendary Status, but in the end, only three could advance to the Paris Major 2023: Legends Stage.

Let’s review these matches and see how it all went.

forZe vs GamerLegion

The first pivotal match was between forZe and GamerLegion, played as a classic Bo3.

Here’s the list of map selection and ban:

  • GamerLegion removed Anubis
  • FORZE removed Vertigo
  • GamerLegion picked Overpass
  • FORZE picked Inferno
  • FORZE removed Nuke
  • GamerLegion removed Mirage
  • Ancient was left over


The first map of the series was Overpass, picked by GamerLegion. The game started close, with GamerLegion winning six rounds as terrorists, while their opponents won five rounds as counter terrorists. By the end of the first half, the European team had a lead of 9:6.

. @KeozBEAST sending the AWP to sleep

— GamerLegion (@GamerLegion) May 11, 2023

The second half was much more intense for GamerLegion as forZe managed to win five rounds in a row. However, in the 21st round, thanks to Mihai “iM” Ivan and Frederik “acoR” Gyldstrand, GamerLegion secured a crucial round and then dominated the map. The second map ended with a 16:12 score in favor of GamerLegion.

That's some hyped up "NICE!" that @GamerLegion have got there😤 #BLASTTVMajor

— (@BLASTtv) May 11, 2023


FORZE picked Inferno and began the match as terrorists. They tried to attack their opponents, but most of their attempts were unsuccessful. GamerLegion showed strong defense and ended the first half with an 11:4 score in their favor.

hot retake 🔥🔥

— GamerLegion (@GamerLegion) May 11, 2023

After switching sides, GamerLegion played with confidence. They strategically conceded rounds with low chances of winning to minimize risks. This approach helped them balance the economy and win the five rounds required for victory. As a result, the game on the second map ended with a 16:13 score favoring GamerLegion.

. @isaaakkkk !!!!!!

— GamerLegion (@GamerLegion) May 11, 2023

Congratulations to GamerLegion.

Reverse sweep complete 💪 @GamerLegion #BLASTTVMajor

— (@HLTVorg) May 11, 2023

Grayhound vs Team Liquid

The second match was between Grayhound and Team Liquid.

Here’s the list of map selection and ban:

  • Team Liquid removed Vertigo
  • Grayhound removed Overpass
  • Team Liquid picked Anubis
  • Grayhound picked Inferno
  • Grayhound removed Mirage
  • Team Liquid removed Nuke
  • Ancient was left over


Team Liquid picked Anubis, which is unsurprising since they had a 100% win rate in their last three games. In the first half, Team Liquid played as the terrorists leading with an 11:4 score.

The second half was a bit more challenging, but with their previous advantage, Team Liquid only needed to win five more rounds to secure the victory. They achieved this easily and won with a 16:9 score.

1v3 CLUTCH from @oSeecs 👑

— Team Liquid CSGO (@TeamLiquidCS) May 11, 2023


Starting as terrorists, Grayhound only won 3 rounds in the first half of the game on Inferno and lost with a 3:12 score. After switching sides, the situation did not change as Team Liquid continued to dominate their opponent and won with a 16:9 score.

You clutch a 3k in the most important game of the last CS:GO Major ever with a Famas. Your teammates go wild, the casters scream — what does @NAFFLY do?

Scratch his eye a bit 🦥 #LETSGOLIQUID

— Team Liquid CSGO (@TeamLiquidCS) May 11, 2023

Team Liquid are the next team to qualify for the Legends Stage of the Paris Major 2023. Congratulations!

The final team to claim the Legends Stage

🇺🇸 @TeamLiquidCS

— (@HLTVorg) May 11, 2023

Monte vs paiN

The last match was between Monte vs paiN.

Here’s the list of map selection and ban:

  • Monte removed Inferno
  • paiN removed Overpass
  • Monte picked Anubis
  • paiN picked Nuke
  • paiN removed Ancient
  • Monte removed Vertigo
  • Mirage was left over


Monte picked Anubis as the first map. Despite Monte’s pick, paiN dominated the first half of the map with a 9:6 score and maintained their lead after switching sides. Ultimately, paiN won the first map comfortably with a 16:10 score.

VAC 1VS3 @woro2k 😯

— MONTE ESPORTS 🇺🇦 (@Monte_Esports) May 11, 2023


The situation on the second map was unbelievable! paiN suffered a catastrophic defeat, losing by an overwhelming 16:1 score. It was a devastating turn of events that left fans speechless.



— MONTE ESPORTS 🇺🇦 (@Monte_Esports) May 11, 2023


The map deciding the game outcome was Mirage. Although paiN put up a good fight after a challenging second map, Monte ultimately proved to be the stronger team. The Ukrainian team emerged victorious with a 16:10 score on the third map, securing their spot as the last team to advance to the Legends Stage.


— MONTE ESPORTS 🇺🇦 (@Monte_Esports) May 11, 2023

Congratulations to Monte.


A thorny path, hundreds of won and lost maps, participation in all kinds of tournaments. We went through it together with you! All for this moment! We thank our guys for these emotions @somedieyoungCS @kRaSNaLkox @woro2k @boroscs @demqqqq @LMBT_CSGO …

— MONTE ESPORTS 🇺🇦 (@Monte_Esports) May 11, 2023

The participants for the Paris Major 2023: Legends Stage, and the first games of this stage will start on May 13.

Here are all of the opening matches at the Legends stage starting on Saturday 🔥 #BLASTTVMajor

— (@BLASTtv) May 11, 2023

Wrapping Up!

The fourth day of the Paris Major 2023 has come to a close! It also marked the final day of the Challengers Stage. GamerLegion, Team Liquid, and Monte successfully advanced to the Legends Stage. But don’t worry, the action is still ongoing! The first games of the Legends Stage will begin on May 13.

So, support your favorite team, and stay tuned to our blog for all the latest updates!