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The Overpass is one of the most complicated maps in CS:GO. Some pro players hate this map due to its complex construction. We recommend it to more experienced players who have already mastered the basic mechanics and concepts of the game. If you think that you are already a skilled enough player and you need to move on, then we will teach you how to properly use an incendiary grenade and show you a couple of useful tricks that will increase your chances to win.

What is Molotov?

Molotov or incendiary grenade is a type of utility that covers an area with fire at the site of the explosion. It costs $600 for counter-terrorists and $400 for the terrorist side. It deals damage to those inside its “fire” area and can kill an enemy and an ally, so use it carefully. The longer you are in the molotov burn area, the more damage you get. It explodes within 3 seconds of being thrown. However, it will not ignite after the explosion if, during these 3 seconds, it does not touch a single horizontal plane.

Positions on Overpass

The construction of the Overpass is something average between Dust 2 and Vertigo. It has a two-level structure: “A site/CT spawn” – “Heaven” – “Rotations”. According to this, counter-terrorists can quickly and safely rotate between A and B plants. The defense side win rate is around 53%. So, if you win only 5-6 rounds for terrorists, it’s not a failure.

overpass map
source: https://ru.pinterest.com/pin/471048442287730972/

How Molotov on the Overpass Works?

It depends on what side you play and your team’s game plan. It is vital to control the key positions, such as “water” or “banana”. So each side uses molotov and other utilities to prevent the enemy from even trying to take a position. Counter-Terrorists also use “anti-rush” (prevents attack on first timing) molotov on “monster CT” to close B site from attackers.

How to use Molotov on the Overpass?

To throw a molotov on the Overpass and hit your target, you need to practice a lot. The fate of a whole round or even the entire game can depend on your hit. Imagine you and your mates want to take “water”, but you’ve missed the molotov. In this case, you will put your allies at a disadvantage. To prevent it, learn molotovs on the Overpass in CS:GO and how to throw with 100% accuracy using our guide.

Molotov on the Overpass for the Terrorist side?

Terrorists spawn situated very far from any of the bombsites. Their main task is to force the enemy to play on the bombsites passively by taking control of the positions.

If your team decides to occupy “water”, you must know how to moly (use molotov) “short B”. There are two good ways to do it.

First variant:

Short B Starting Position

Place your crosshair as shown in the screenshot, run, and press throw after your model get down from the ledge (you can visually see it):

Short B Throwing Position


Short B Result

Second variant:

Short B 2 Start

Aim at that white spot on the ground, run forward without moving the mouse, and do jump + throw:

Short B 2 Throw


short B result

It will help you to take “water” without any resistance or at least win a few seconds while the defender stops to smoke the molotov.

You can also try to take “short” from “connector”, but it’s risky. Stay as shown in the screenshot:

connector start

Aim a bit lower than that window and press throw:

connector throw


connector result

When you throw moly on “sandbags”, open “squeaky” and try to peek the “water”.

After you take control of the “water”, you’ve got a perfect bridgehead to execute B plant. Let’s look at some incendiaries that will smoke out counter-terrorists from their annoying positions.

To moly “toxic”, you need to stay on that last stair:

toxic start

Aim as shown in the screenshot and do walk + throw:

toxic throw


toxic result

In truth, it is complex to throw especially for novices. Read further to learn another molotov on “toxic”.

This variant is simpler, but you need to hold “water” before throwing it. Stay in that corner near “squeaky”, as shown in the screenshot:

squeaky start

Take the left side of the protrusion from the bridge as a benchmark and press throw:

squeaky throw


squeaky result

The next molotov can help your mates that are pushing “monster CT”. You need to stand in the corner between that hunk of junk and wood with B sign:

monster start

Aim as shown in the screenshot. Take the letter “R” in “HÜBNER” as the benchmark and throw:

monster throw


monster result

During this molotov, the defending player must choose to “peek” (open from position to kill an enemy) “monster T” or get back more profound in the B site. At the same time, terrorists are satisfied with any of these options.

If your team planted the bomb on B, and counter-terrorists decide to retake it, use the following molotov, which will help you keep the bomb planted.

Find the place shown in the screenshot:

peek start

Aim at this spot and press throw:

peak throw


peak result

If counter-terrorists don’t have a smoke grenade, they will have no chance to win this round.

Let’s switch to A site. There are only two useful molotovs on “truck” and on “default”.

To moly “truck” you need to control “banana”. Find this place and stay as shown in the screenshot:

banana start

Aim like in the screenshot below and do jump + throw:

banana throw


banana result

Remember that enemies can always hide behind the “truck” or even right behind the fire!

The following molotov will help you in “clutch” (you alone versus 1 or more enemies) moments when you already plant the bomb in “default”. It’s extremely important to stand as shown in the screenshot to hit the target:

clutch start

Aim like in the screenshot:

clutch throw


clutch result

Be careful because if a CT player has defuse kits or smoke, he has a good chance to win this round.

Molotov on the Overpass for the Counter-Terrorist side?

Since the Overpass is a big map, five counter-terrorists can’t control such great areas without appropriate tactics. Playing for the CT side, some grenades will help you push back the forces of the terrorists or interfere with their plans.

Just like opponents, CTs often fight for “water”. They use “anti-rush” molotov to stop terrorists on “monster T”.

Stand on the right side of the doorway:

water start

Aim at the corner of the balcony like in the screenshot and throw:

water throw


water result

The greatest minus of this molotov is that you don’t have time to get to the “water” after throwing it. Collaborate with your mate! Ask him to hold “water” during your molotov.

The next molotov is perfect for AWP players. It will allow you to find an “entry frag” (first kill)

or take control of the “fountain” and “playground”.
Find this spot on the map:

fountain start

Aim as shown in screenshot, run forward without moving the mouse and press jump + throw:

fountain throw


fountain result

If your ally also controls the “connector” and doesn’t meet any enemy, inform B players to prepare for defense.

Now let’s imagine that you are a B defender and terrorists attack A plant. In nine out of the ten cases, attackers plant bomb in “default”. To prevent it use this molotov:

default start

Aim at the top left corner of that building and throw:

default throw


default result

The next molotov will help you to retake the A site and smoke out the terrorist player that holds the “truck”. To throw it, stand on the top of the stairs:

truck start

Aim a little to the right of that corner and press throw:

truck throw


truck result

You can also use it if your opponent decides to plant the bomb on a “truck”.You already know how to throw molotovs on the Overpass, let us put the icing on the cake and share a couple of tips to improve your in-game results.

Tip 1 – Binds

Some of the molotovs in our guide require the “run+jump+throw” technique. We recommend you use a binds to throw more accurately. First, open the console in CS:GO, then type: bind «choose the button» «+jump; -attack; -jump» and press enter. Now it’s ready to use.

Tip 2 – Special Game Settings

When a molotov is on fire on any map in the game, the space behind it is practically invisible. But it can be fixed! All you need is to set the game settings correctly. Effect Detail and Shader Detail set High quality. We also recommend enabling Boost Player Contrast to see your opponent’s model better in dark places on the map.


Wrapping Up!

Molotov on the Overpass is an important component of gameplay. You don’t need to learn all the molotovs in our guide for one attempt. Choose what you like most and go on! Don’t forget to practice before starting to search for the match. Mastering molotov is not as easy as it seems at first glance. But we are sure that you will succeed. If you like this article about molotovs on the Overpass, read other guides in our blog .