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Hey there, fellow gamers! It’s time to celebrate because your beloved platform, Hellcase, is turning seven years old! Can you believe it?

For those new to the scene, Hellcase is the go-to online platform for buying and opening cases filled with skins for popular games like CS:GO, Dota 2, and Rust. And let us tell you, the feeling of opening a case and finding that rare item you’ve wanted for so long is simply indescribable!

But that’s not all, folks! Millions of gamers worldwide use Hellcase and its top-notch services. And all of this is made possible by a user-friendly interface, lightning-fast and secure transactions, and a huge selection of cases and items.

We hold that the number 7 is magical and brings good luck! So let’s take a trip down memory lane together!

Recalling the Top 7 Drops from Open Cases

Let’s talk about the coolest skins our users have managed to get, but before that, let’s dive into the exciting process of opening cases !

Cases contain a variety of skins that differ in rarity and value. Users can purchase cases with funds deposited into their Hellcase account. After buying a case, users can open it to receive a skin. The received items can be withdrawn to Steam or sold on the platform’s market.

Ah, the thrill of opening a case and anticipating what’s inside. It’s a rush that every gamer knows and loves. Our users have scored some seriously epic skins, and we couldn’t be more proud.

Here are the top 7 best skins that players have managed to get from opening cases:

AWP | Dragon Lore (Factory New)

АWP Dragon Lore (Factory New)

AUG | Akihabara Accept (Factory New)

AUG Akihabara Accept (Factory New)

AWP | Medusa (Factory New)

AWP Medusa (Factory New)

AK-47 | Wild Lotus (Minimal Wear)

AK-47 Wild Lotus (Minimal Wear)

M4A4 | Howl (Factory New)

M4A4 Howl (Factory New)

StatTrak™ AK-47 | Fire Serpent (Factory New)

StatTrak™ AK-47 Fire Serpent (Factory New)

StatTrak™ M4A4 | Howl (Field-Tested)

StatTrak™ M4A4 Howl (Field-Tested)

Wow, in just seven years, our players have managed to snag not one, not two, but three AWP | Dragon Lore! Each of these babies is worth over $10,000, and let us tell you, they look stunning. We take the security and safety of our users seriously, especially when it comes to expensive skins. To prevent hacking attempts, we do not disclose user nicknames. This way, our users can rest easy, knowing their accounts are safe and secure.

But wait, there’s more – our players have also collected a whole array of other rare and beautiful skins through Case Battles.

So, what Hellcase top drops have our players managed to score? Let’s find out!

Recalling the Top 7 Drops from Case Battles

It’s time to dive into everyone’s favorite game – Case Battle ! The principle of the game is simple: 2-4 players open identical cases and the winner is the one whose skins are worth the most. And the champion takes it all!

We’ve played many battles between players during this time, but today, we want to show you the top 7 best skins that our users have won in this thrilling showdown. So get ready to be amazed by these epic wins!

Hellcase top drops from case battles over seven years:

M4A4 | Howl (Factory New)

M4A4 Howl (Factory New) Case Battles

AWP | Gungnir (Field-Tested)

AWP Gungnir (Field-Tested) Case Battles

Butterfly Knife | Autotronic (Factory New)

Butterfly Knife Autotronic (Factory New) Case Battles

StatTrak™ AK-47 | Fire Serpent (Minimal Wear)

StatTrak™ AK-47 Fire Serpent (Minimal Wear) Case Battles

★ Karambit | Lore (Factory New)

Karambit Lore (Factory New) Case Battles

★ Butterfly Knife | Fade (Factory New)

Butterfly Knife Fade (Factory New) Case Battles

AWP | Medusa (Minimal Wear)

AWP Medusa (Minimal Wear) Case Battles

Let’s take off and see how lucky our users have been with our Upgrader.

Recalling the Top 7 Drops from Upgrader

Not everyone knows about Upgrader, so let us briefly describe it. This game is about raising your skin’s value or losing it all. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it? Why not give it a try?

Here are seven Hellcase top drops that players have managed to get from Upgrader :

AWP | Medusa (Minimal Wear)

AWP Medusa (Minimal Wear) Upgrader

★ Karambit | Slaughter (Minimal Wear)

Karambit Slaughter (Minimal Wear) Upgrader

★ Paracord Knife | Fade (Factory New)

Paracord Knife Fade Upgrader

★ Butterfly Knife | Slaughter (Field-Tested)

Butterfly Knife Slaughter (Field-Tested) Upgrader

Glock-18 | Fade (Factory New)

Glock-18 Fade (Factory New) Upgrader

AK-47 | Wild Lotus (Well-Worn)

AK-47 Wild Lotus (Well-Worn) Upgrader

★ Sport Gloves | Hedge Maze (Minimal Wear)

Sport Gloves Hedge Maze (Minimal Wear) Upgrader

Wrapping Up

Hellcase is commemorating its 7th anniversary, and we’re thrilled about it! Over the years, we’ve assisted numerous users in getting the finest CS:GO and Dota 2 skins. We’ve enjoyed an incredible journey thus far and would like you to celebrate this momentous occasion with us. Don’t forget to follow our blog for more insights and news!

So, join in the festivities! You may be fortunate enough to receive the most valuable drop from Hellcase. Here’s to another year of great skins, unforgettable moments, and never-ending entertainment. Happy 7th birthday, Hellcase !