The Complete User Guide for CS:GO Skins Giveaway | Hellcase

Do you like to participate in giveaways and get free prizes? Surely, yes. But, how about creating your own giveaway and enjoying the benefits, such as referral bonuses? Let’s take a look at Hellcase’s unique user giveaway feature.

What is a User giveaway and What Does Hellcase Offer?

A user giveaway is an updated exciting feature from Hellcase that allows users to create and customize their own Rust, Dota 2, or CS:GO giveaways . This feature is available to both influencer users and regular users of the platform.

giveaway creators can select prizes and set requirements that must be met in order to participate in the prize distribution. Now Let’s look at the details of participating in Hellcase’s user giveaways.

Hellcase provides you with wide flexibility in terms of shaping your giveaway. This includes:

  • Wide choice of skins and cases to include in the giveaway . For example, some may raffle off a specific case or multiple knife skins, and some may offer a rifle or pistol skin as a prize.
  • The total prize pool sum of your choice . Depending on the skins and cases you have chosen, the value of the prizes will vary. But the great news is that you are flexible to go from giveaways costing a couple of dollars to more than $1000.

Here’s what the giveaway you have created will look like on Hellcase.

Now, with an understanding of what giveaways are about, let’s move on to discussing the way people can take part in your giveaway.

Participation Details

Many players dream about Dota 2 and CS:GO free items. Well, a giveaway is a great chance to get them.

Each giveaway comes with its own set of rules and requirements. Participants can check them out by clicking on one of the available giveaways on Hellcase.

Here, then can find all the necessary info about the giveaway, including the validity period of the giveaway, the prizes available, their value, and the number of participants are available here.

Most importantly, participants will find the requirements/tasks to qualify for that particular giveaway. In the case above, they need to refill their balance with a promo code, buy a Knives case, and view a Youtube video.

Hellcase gives a wide choice of tasks that you can include in your giveaway, including:

  • buying a special agent.
  • buying a case.
  • using the special code and refill your balance.
  • getting Hellcase Premium.
  • sharing the giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or VK.
  • viewing the Twitch channel.
  • adding a custom link.
  • checking out a YouTube video.

Great, the participation details are clear too, let’s move to figure out what the shields are about.

What Is a Shield?

If the requirements include the purchase of a case or an agent, the participant has the opportunity to increase the chances of winning. The number of purchases required to participate in the giveaway is set by the creator of the giveaway. However, the participant can make additional purchases and receive the so-called shield.

A shield is the second chance to continue participating in the giveaway. Although it increases the chances of winning the giveaway, you can still win without it too, just trust your luck. Thus, a shield does not guarantee winning and you can get a valuable prize without having a shield by competing with users who have it.

We’ll talk about how exactly shields increase your chances later in this guide when we explain the way giveaway draws work.

Benefits For giveaway Creators

When creating a giveaway, the user can integrate a referral code into it to attract referrals. With this, the player can receive bonuses to the balance on the affiliate program. This is a profitable opportunity for users who want to develop in the field of video games.

How to Create a giveaway?

If you are looking for platforms to create CS:GO skin giveaways , then Hellcase is a great choice. To create a giveaway, you need to find the “User giveaways” tab and click on the “Create a giveaway” button.

It should be noted right away that data in some fields can be edited only by verified users (we’ll talk about this a bit more later on). If you have all the necessary rights, great, let’s go through all the steps to create a giveaway. If your profile is not verified, no worries you still have the option to create a giveaway but without accessing these fields.

First of all, you have the opportunity to give your giveaway a name and “Private” status. Only verified users can participate in “Private” giveaways and change the giveaway name. This allows us to prevent any kind of scam. You cannot change the data in the “Custom giveaway Link” tab. The link is generated based on the name you entered for the giveaway. You can only copy the link.

how to create a csgo giveaway

You also can specify in the settings the number of users who can participate in giveaways. By default, the tab is set to “No limit”. You also need to specify the validity period of the giveaway. The minimum period is 7 days and the maximum period is 30 days.

Users can leave a link to YouTube and Twitch. These fields are optional but only verified users can edit them. This is all to eliminate the possibility of non-compliance with the rules of the giveaway by the participants.

However, if you provide a link to a particular platform, you will need to duplicate it in the “Check out the YouTube video” or “View the Twitch channel” fields. You can find them in the “Requirements” section for your giveaway. Also, you can only link to YouTube and Twitch in the appropriate fields in the “Requirements” section.

You can customize your giveaway to attract even more members. For example, you can change the profile background, and giveaway background (choose different geometric patterns), and also change the prize background color. You can view the preview at any time and make adjustments if necessary. This feature is also available to verified users only.

The next block is dedicated to prizes. You can choose up to 12 giveaway prizes. Just click on the “Add items” box and choose from the available options. The minimum value of one prize must be $3.

The final block that needs to be filled in to run the giveaway is “Entry requirements”. This block will be discussed in more detail below.

“Entry requirements” is the most important section when creating a giveaway. The giveaway participant must complete all of the requirements you select in order to qualify for the prizes. There are ten options in total that we listed in the participation details section above and you need to select at least two.

After filling in all the fields, you must click on the “ Create giveaway ” button. Voila, you’ve created your own Rust, Dota 2, or CS:GO giveaway .

Who Are Verified Users?

A verified user is a media, full-trusted user, which has a number of advantages for working with the Hellcase functionality. For example, such a user has more options when creating a giveaway. It is possible to obtain such a status by Hellcase through the creation of a large number of giveaways. Such a user will become a media user for Hellcase through a referral program.

cs:go giveaway participation details

How does giveaway Draw Work?

And finally, let’s find out how the procedure for determining the winner of the giveaway works. The animation of determining the winner involves loading all the participants of the giveaway into the block where the prizes were presented. This block contains profiles of all giveaway participants in Full HD quality.

For example, 200 users participate in a giveaway. However, visually in this block, you can see only 84 profiles. You can’t scroll through this block to see more. If you participate in the giveaway, then your profile is always placed in the first place (top row, left).

The animation of determining the winner involves several stages of participants dropping out. It is worth noting that all the participants take part in the stages of elimination, not just the participants who are visually present in the block.

During each stage, 50% of random users drop out of the giveaway. Their user pic gets dark and disappears from the block. Disappeared users are replaced by members who were not previously visible in the block. Elimination stages are held until the number of participants matches the number of prizes.

The next stage is the distribution of prizes using Roulette. giveaway participants enter the Roulette according to the number of shields. For example, there are three participants and three prizes. The first user has three shields, the second has eight shields, and the third has zero shields.

In Roulette, the number of avatars reflects the number of user shields. The number of shields affects the probability of victory. The most valuable prize is drawn first. User avatars and prizes disappear from the Roulette during the distribution of prizes.

If the user decides to view the completed giveaway, the system will show him the animation of determining the winner. You can skip it by clicking on the “Skip” button and visiting the winners and prizes page.

To Wrap Up!

Hellcase’s user giveaways are a great opportunity to make adjustments to your inventory and promote your brand if you are an influencer. The procedure for participating and creating giveaways is quite simple and requires minimal effort. Improve your gaming experience by using all the features and luck will smile on you.


Q1: Are CS:GO giveaways legit?

A1: You can take part in legit CS:GO giveaways on the Hellcase platform . The company regularly draws skins for its users. Players with the most luck receive valuable skins.

Q2: Are there any legit CS:GO giveaways?

A2: Hellcase invites its users to take part in custom giveaways, as well as giveaways dedicated to specific events and holidays. For example, for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc.

Q3: Where can I find the giveaway CS:GO?

A3: You can access a list of all current giveaways by visiting the “giveaway” tab on the main page of the Hellcase website.