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Lots of women also play CS:GO and they do it quite well. One has only to think about such wonderful pro players as GooseBreeder and CAth from Canada, mimimimichaela from Denmark, and many others.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, Hellcase has prepared a limited edition case pack, the skins from which are as beautiful and bright as spring and women. Each holiday case will be available to users only for 7 days (from 6 March to 12 March). Let’s look at each of the cases separately.

March 8 Edition Cases by Hellcase

Spring is a period of rebirth. If you want to upgrade your inventory and give it a fresh look in the game, don’t miss the unique CS:GO cases for March 8. We have collected five cases with valuable skins of rifles, pistols, and knives. Each case consists of skins with different rarity levels and elegant, minimalistic, or eye-catching designs.

Love, Laugh, Kill CS:GO Case

This Love, Laugh, Kill CS:GO Case consists of 19 items, including 3 skins with a Restricted rarity, 7 skins with a Covert rarity, 2 knife skins with a Covert rarity, and 6 skins with a Classified rarity. This is one of the best CS:GO cases for women and men because there are a lot of valuable skins. Let’s look at the most interesting skins in this case.

Love, Laugh, Kill CSGO Case By Hellcase
  • AWP | Asiimov . This is the skin of a rifle that is known for its one-shot, one-kill power. The skin has a nice design and women will surely like it. The body of the weapon is painted white, there are inserts in black and orange. This futuristic-themed skin has a Covert rarity. The most valuable version of the item is considered to have a Float value from 0,90 to 1,00. It has a feature in the form of a worn scope. This version is unofficially called blackiimov.
  • Butterfly Knife | Doppler . This is an elegant butterfly knife skin that has a minimalistic design with shades of red, purple, and blue. This skin has 7 phases, each with a different color and value. This is an extremely rare drop that every CS:GO player wants to have.
  • Desert Eagle | Sunset Storm . This pistol skin has an amazingly beautiful Japanese style design. The body of the weapon is painted red with wave-like prints. On the handle of the weapon, there is an image of a smiling Japanese man with a cup of tea in his hand. This is a perfect item for bright and prudent women. The rarity of this skin is Restricted. It may cost over $100.

Among the most expensive items in this case are AWP | Lightning Strike, AWP | Asiimov, AK-47 | Vulcan, Butterfly Knife | Doppler. The cost of each skin reaches several hundred dollars.

Beloved Strike CS:GO Case

The Beloved Strike CS:GO Case includes 19 skins, including 7 skins with a Covert rarity, 3 melee weapon skins with a Covert rarity, 2 skins with a Restricted rarity, and 7 skins with a Classified rarity. The most striking items in this case:

Beloved Strike CSGO Case By Hellcase
  • Desert Eagle | Hypnotic . This is a hypnotic print pistol skin for hypnotically attractive women. The body of the pistol is painted in black and white, which are surprisingly beautifully combined in a print in the form of a hypnotic circle. The rarity of this skin is Classified. Players can only use it in two exteriors – Factory New and Minimal Wear.
  • M4A1-S | Golden Coil . This is one of the most beautiful golden skins. The weapon is painted black, there are golden and beige inserts. On the body of the rifle, there is an image of an attacking snake surrounded by a floral ornament. The silencer and part of the buttstock of the weapon have a golden pattern that imitates snake skin. M4A1-S | Golden Coil belongs to the category of skins with Covert rarity, and it supports the StatTrak counter.

The cost of some items reaches several hundred dollars, in particular, M9 Bayonet | Autotronic , AK-47 | Vulcan , and AWP | Lightning Strike .

Master Gift CS:GO

This Master Gift CS:GO Case dedicated to Women’s Day consists of 20 items. In this case, there are 7 skins with a Covert rarity, 2 knife skins with a Covert rarity, 8 skins with a Classified rarity, and 3 skins with a Restricted quality level. This case has some beautiful skins:

Master Gift CSGO Case By Hellcase
  • Dual Berettas | Cobra Strike . This is a skin that a Bond girl would definitely pay attention to. The upper parts of the shutters are painted dark green, and the tops of the doors are painted neon green with a hint of a poison flask. The handles are decorated with images of cobras. This skin has a Classified rarity. Item was noticed in the pro player Hiko’s inventory.
  • CZ75-Auto | The Fuschia Is Now. The skin has a bright design – a combination of pink and gray. This is a great skin for active girls who are not afraid to be noticed. Players can only use this item in Factory New, Minimal Wear, Field-Tested, and Well-Worn exteriors, including those with StatTrak technology.
  • USP-S | Orion . For such an attractive weapon with a silencer, the same beautiful skin is needed. Oriented is the creation of the designer “frontaLOBE”. The item is painted black with orange accents. The skin has a Restricted rarity level and is available in all exteriors, including those with a StatTrak counter.

Nomad Knife | Fad e is the most expensive skin in this case. CS:GO players can use this item only in two exteriors – Minimal Wear and Factory New. The cost of the skin exceeds $1000. Also among the rather expensive CS:GO skins for 8 March in this case: M9 Bayonet | Black Laminate , AWP | Neo Noir, and AWP | BOOM .

Flower-Shaped CS:GO Case

This Flower-Shaped CS:GO Case consists of 20 items, including 3 skins with a Covert rarity, 10 skins with a Classified rarity, and 7 skins with a Restricted rarity. There are a lot of incredible items in this case:

Flower-Shaped CSGO Case By Hellcase
  • CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu . The design of the skin is inspired by Chinese culture. The body is painted in different shades of gray and brown. The main part of the pistol is decorated with the image of snakes. The print is created using shades of purple and gold. CZ75-Auto | Xiangliu has a Classified rarity. Players can use it in all float values.
  • AWP | Hyper Beast . This skin is great for players with a love for flashy skins. The body of the rifle is adorned with an image of a fantasy creature in shades of green, red, and blue. Players can use this skin with a Covert rarity in all exteriors.
  • Glock-18 | Vogue . This is a charming skin, painted in shades of red, purple, and yellow. Women’s eyes are depicted on the body of the pistol. K A S I is the designer of this skin. This is an inexpensive skin used by pro players like flusha, krimz, and dupreeh.

AWP | BOOM is the most expensive skin in the case. The Factory New version of the item costs over $300-$500.

Headshot Passion CS:GO Case

The last Headshot Passion CS:GO Case from the Women’s Day pack consists of 20 skins. Among them, there are 4 skins with a Covert quality level, 6 skins with a Classified rarity, 6 skins with a Restricted rarity, and 4 skins with a Milspec rarity. Among the most attractive skins of pistols and rifles in this case:

Headshot Passion CSGO Case By Hellcase
  • USP-S | Cyrex . This is a minimalist skin for an effective pistol with a silencer. The body of the weapon and the silencer are painted black, there are minor red inserts. This is a great item for prudent women with a spark. This skin with a Restricted rarity is available in all exteriors, including those with a frag counter.
  • AK-47 | Point Disarray . This is a rifle skin with a 3D print in the form of geometric shapes in red, blue, and white. The skin is the creation of designer ClegFX. It is great for energetic players who are not ready to rest on their laurels . Famous professional players like byali, karrigan, and zeus use this skin.
  • Desert Eagle | Printstream . Skin with a simple design for women with a strategy. The slider of the weapon is painted white, there is an inscription “XXXY” and many small icons. The pistol grip is painted dark gray and also has inscriptions and icons. Players can use this item in all conditions, including with a frag counter.

Desert Eagle | Printstream and M4A1-S | Hyper Beast are among the most expensive skins in the case. A pistol skin can cost over $250 for a Factory New version with a StatTrak counter, and a rifle skin in a Factory New exterior with a StatTrak counter can cost over $300.

To Wrap Up!

Don’t miss your chance to obtain one or all cases from Hellcase’s limited edition pack dedicated to Women’s Day . Each case contains a variety of valuable skins with amazing designs that are sure to bring you joy this spring and every season thereafter.