The Best Cheap CS:GO Gloves and Money-Saving Tips

CS:GO gloves are visually pleasing and often prestigious accessories that add flair to your gaming experience. While most of these coveted items come with hefty price tags, there are affordable options to consider acquiring in case you want a pair of gloves that will not break the bank. In this article, we will not only take a look at the best cheap gloves CS:GO has to offer but also find out what factors impact the value of these items and how to save money on buying CS:GO gloves.

What are the Factors that Affect CS:GO Glove Prices?

Several factors influence the cost of CS:GO gloves, making some pairs more affordable than others. Here are a few key reasons:

  • Condition : CS:GO gloves come in various conditions ranging from Battle-Scarred to Factory New. Gloves in better condition are often more expensive, while those in worse condition tend to be cheaper.
  • Rarity and Supply : Among the main determinants of glove price in CS:GO is its rarity and the supply-demand ratio. More common gloves are cheaper due to their higher supply, and rarer items cost more.
  • Case Availability : Gloves are obtained from opening specific glove cases. If a case containing certain gloves is no longer dropping in the game, the gloves can become more expensive due to limited supply. On the other hand, gloves from cases that are widely available tend to be cheaper.

In addition, it is worth pointing out that another key factor to consider when in the market for cheap CS:GO gloves is the platform on which they are sold. Prices of CS:GO gloves tend to be higher on the Steam Community Market because Steam users are unable to withdraw their money. Check out our website for affordable deals on CS:GO gloves.

Now that we have figured out how rarity, wear level, and other factors affect the price of each pair of CS:GO gloves, let’s dive into our list of the twenty-two pairs of the best cheap gloves in CS:GO.

Best Cheap CS:GO Gloves

We have scoured the market to bring you the cheapest CS:GO gloves that are worth your attention if you are looking for a pair that is both affordable and eye-catching.

Here is the list of the gloves listed further down:

  • Broken Fang Gloves Set (Four Designs)
  • Hydra Gloves Set (Four Designs)
  • Hand Wraps | Duct Tape (Field-Tested)
  • Moto Gloves | Transport (Battle-Scarred)
  • Hand Wraps | Giraffe (Battle-Scarred)
  • Hand Wraps | Constrictor (Field-Tested)
  • Hand Wraps | Spruce DDPAT (Battle-Scarred)
  • Moto Gloves | Eclipse (Battle-Scarred)
  • Driver Gloves | Queen Jaguar (Well-Worn)
  • Specialist Gloves | Buckshot (Field-Tested)
  • Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure (Battle-Scarred)
  • Moto Gloves | 3rd Commando Company (Field-Tested)
  • Moto Gloves | Turtle (Battle-Scarred)
  • Moto Gloves | POW! (Battle-Scarred).

Let’s begin our overview by exploring the Broken Fang Gloves Set.

Broken Fang Gloves Set

First of all, we should mention the whole bundle of Broken Fang Gloves that consists of four separate items in four styles. All items feature metal studs and the Operation Broken Fang logotype.

Broken Fang Gloves Set

List of Broken Fangs Gloves:

  • Yellow-banded (Yellow)
  • Unhinged (Black)
  • Needle Point (Brown)
  • Jade (Green).

The fingerless Broken Fangs Gloves are affordable in all styles, and in fact, these cosmetics are among the cheapest CS:GO gloves out there. Well-Worn Broken Fang Gloves | Unhinged cost around $80, and Battle-Scarred variants of Broken Fang Gloves | Needle Point sell for $70 a pair.

Hydra Gloves Set

Another set of affordable and stylish yet cheapest CS:GO gloves worth mentioning is the Hydra Gloves Set. It features four pairs of gloves in different color schemes, each decorated with the Operation Hydra emblem.

Hydra Gloves Set

List of Hydra Gloves:

  • Case Hardened (Blue and Yellow)
  • Emerald (Black and Green)
  • Rattler (Brown)
  • Mangrove (Olive)

You can get reptile-styled Hydra Gloves | Rattler or Mangrove in Well-Worn condition for $70 only. The Field-Tested Emerald gloves cost $85.

Hand Wraps | Duct Tape (Field-Tested)

Hand Wraps | Duct Tape are fingerless CS:GO gloves that were added to the game within the Clutch Case in February 2018. The base of these gloves is made of a gray sports bandage, and it is covered with a layer of rubberized duct tape.

Hand Wraps Duct Tape (Field-Tested)

You would need only $70 for a Battle-Scarred variant of these cheap CS:GO gloves. Pairs in Well-Worn condition cost approximately as much as Field-Tested gloves do, around $85.

Moto Gloves | Transport (Battle-Scarred)

Moto Gloves | Transport is robust gloves made in desert-yellow hues and equipped with hard knuckles. This pair boasts a subtle digital camouflage pattern that is hard to spot at first sight. The palm side and the upper side of the gloves are connected with light grey fabric.

Moto Gloves Transport (Battle-Scarred)

While Factory New Moto Gloves | Transport pairs sell for more than a thousand dollars, Battle-Scarred variants cost only $85, and Well-Worn ones – around $100. This accessory is one of the best ones in terms of price-quality ratio. These gloves can be found in the Clutch Case on our website.

Hand Wraps | Giraffe (Battle-Scarred)

If you are into animalistic designs, the beige-and-brown Hand Wraps | Giraffe, which features a pattern resembling the spotted coat of a giraffe, is worth checking out. This item is available in all conditions, and different pairs have different texture positioning.

Hand Wraps Giraffe (Battle-Scarred)

Hand Wraps | Giraffe were released as a part of the Operation Broken Fang Case in December, 2020. Currently, Battle-Scarred variants of these CS:GO gloves sell for $95, and Well-Worn ones are worth $115.

Hand Wraps | Constrictor (Field-Tested)

Another item worth paying attention to in case you are fond of animalistic patterns is Hand Wraps | Constrictor . These brown-and-orange warps feature an inner layer of brown fabric coated with a layer of canvas tape adorned with a pattern that resembles python skin.

Hand Wraps Constrictor (Field-Tested)

Hand Wraps | Constrictor are available in all conditions, and their starting price is $80. Well-Worn variants of these gloves sell for $85, and Field-Tested pairs cost around $90.

Hand Wraps | Spruce DDPAT (Battle-Scarred)

“Some people say they’re tough… others show it.”

Added in 2016 as a part of the Glove Case, Hand Wraps | Spruce DDPAT are extraordinary fingerless gloves decorated with a digital camouflage pattern in green hues. The positioning of the pattern depends on the item’s pattern index.

Hand Wraps Spruce DDPAT (Battle-Scarred)

It is realistic to get a pair of Battle-Scarred Hand Wraps | Spruce DDPAT for less than $100, while the starting price for pairs with lower levels of wear value is $120.

Moto Gloves | Eclipse (Battle-Scarred)

“Don’t call it a midlife crisis.”

As stated, Moto Gloves | Eclipse is “the original classic black design that made Tortue a household name”. Released in 2016, these gloves feature a dark blue and black color palette adorned with bright yellow accents. There is also a yellow geometrical pattern on the palm side of the gloves.

Moto Gloves Eclipse (Battle-Scarred)

The hard-knuckled Moto Gloves | Eclipse are not the cheapest, as their starting price is $95 for a pair in Battle-Scarred condition, and Well-Worn variants cost more than $150. Check out this pair and others in our exclusive Gloves Case .

Driver Gloves | Queen Jaguar (Well-Worn)

Released within the Operation Broken Fang Collection in December 2020, Driver Gloves | Queen Jaguar are brown leather gloves with inserts on the upper side that feature an animalistic pattern resembling jaguar fur.

Driver Gloves Queen Jaguar (Well-Worn)

Driver Gloves | Queen Jaguar are stylish gloves, and they are among the best affordable options to consider adding to your inventory. Battle-Scarred variants sell for $90, and Well-Worn pairs cost a bit less than $110.

Specialist Gloves | Buckshot (Field-Tested)

Added to CS:GO in 2018, Specialist Gloves | Buckshot is one of the Rare Special Items featured in the Clutch Case and the Revolution Case. The gloves’ upper part is made from a fabric with a green-brown camo pattern and is decorated with khaki rubber inserts, whereas the palm side of the gloves comprises green fabric, strengthened with gray reinforcements.

Specialist Gloves Buckshot (Field-Tested)

Specialist Gloves | Buckshot pairs look decent in Field-Tested condition, and they only cost around $100. If you want to save more money, you can go for Battle-Scarred or Well-Worn variants that sell for $85 and $95, respectively. Check them out in our CS:GO Clutch Case.

Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure (Battle-Scarred)

Crafted from black leather, Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure features an abstract pattern resembling the thick blood vessels of a human hand and carbon-imitating shell protectors, with the palm side incorporating black and burgundy leather and capillary designs.

Moto Gloves Blood Pressure (Battle-Scarred)

This item became a part of the game in December 2020. Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure in Battle-Scarred condition costs around $110, and the starting price of pairs with lower-level values is over $205. Among other great skins, these gloves are featured in our Indomitable Case and Grandmaster Case .

Moto Gloves | 3rd Commando Company (Field-Tested)

Fashioned from dark green leather, Moto Gloves | 3rd Commando Company are partially adorned with a camouflage design and boast red accents and black shell protectors on the outer side. The palm side is enhanced with yellow fabric and brown leather additions.

Moto Gloves 3rd Commando Company (Field-Tested)

Moto Gloves | 3rd Commando Company are available in all conditions, as their float value ranges from 0.06 to 0.80, which is typical for most CS:GO gloves. Battle-Scarred variants of this pair will cost you $80, and Well-Worn ones – around $100.

Moto Gloves | Turtle (Battle-Scarred)

One of the most vibrant pairs of best CS:GO gloves that are somewhat affordable is Moto Gloves | Turtle . These bulky black-and-green gloves are made of leather. The outer side of this item is adorned with a few orange highlights and dark protectors.

Moto Gloves Turtle (Battle-Scarred)

Even though Battle-Scarred pairs of Moto Gloves | Turtle look extra-worn and shabby, these hand accessories still look decent due to their eye-catching color scheme. In the worst condition, a pair of Moto Gloves | Turtle costs a bit less than $150. Claim yours from the Clutch Case on our platform for $5 only.

Moto Gloves | POW! (Battle-Scarred)

This is the most expensive item on our list, yet it is worth paying attention to if you are willing to spend a little extra cash on vibrant CS:GO gloves. The Moto Gloves | POW! are made of white, orange, and brown leather, and their design features a pattern of comic book-style speech bubbles with words “POW!”, “CRACK!”, “BOOM!” and “BLAM!” inside them.

Moto Gloves POW! (Battle-Scarred)

Moto Gloves | POW! are sure to catch everyone’s attention on the server, so it is not surprising that they cost more. Battle-Scarred variants of these gloves sell for $180 a pair, and Well-Worn ones – for more than $340. Unbox your very own pair from the Clutch Case on Hellcase.

Best Practices for Acquiring Cheap CS:GO Gloves

If you are on a budget and in the midst of choosing between acquiring a coveted knife skin or a pair of gloves, our advice would be to go for these hand accessories.

One of the main reasons for that is the fact that your CS:GO gloves are always in your sight in-game, while you would have to take out your knife every time to show off the skin you have for it.

CS:GO gloves are eye-pleasing cosmetic items which are rather expensive compared to most weapon skins in the game. However, following a set of advice about best practices for acquiring cheap CS:GO gloves might help you get yourself a nice pair of gloves and save on them. Let’s find out what these practices are and how to buy CS:GO gloves for cheap.

Monitor the Market for Price Changes

Prices of CS:GO gloves fluctuate based on supply, demand, and item popularity, so it’s possible to find good deals if you are patient and watchful. So, remember to keep an eye on the market prices and wait for an opportune time to buy the wished gloves.

Watch Out for Limited-Time Promotions & Sales

Occasionally, Hellcase offers sales and limited-time promotions on special events where prices drop, and you can save even more on new CS:GO skins. Keeping an eye on these can help you secure some great deals. Also, do not miss giveaways on Hellcase; they are your perfect opportunity to get a brand new pair of CS:GO gloves or other skins without spending a penny.

Explore the Possibility of Upgrading From Lower-Tier Items

Check out the Upgrading feature on Hellcase that lets you acquire expensive skins by upgrading those you already have in your inventory. It is a perfect way to get a nice pair of rare CS:GO gloves without breaking the bank or taking big risks. It is worth noting that the odds of upgrading to an item of your choice are always displayed, so you know what you are getting.

Unbox Your CS:GO Gloves From Weapon Cases

The feeling you get when you finally claim the long-awaited pair of CS:GO gloves is staggering. However, official CS:GO cases offer extremely low odds of dropping rare gloves, so it is worth trying out opening cases on third-party platforms like Hellcase, which in some cases, offers a much higher ratio of dropping gloves and other rare cosmetics.

Wrapping Up!

Finding the right pair of gloves that will not break the bank is a tough challenge for a regular player, but we hope our list of the best cheap CS:GO gloves were helpful for you, as well as the advice pieces on how to save on these cosmetics. Give this article a thumbs-up if you have found your first or next pair of gloves here!

After checking out these cosmetics on our website, continue exploring hellcase blog for more content about CS:GO skins and other cosmetic items, in-depth game guides, and esports news. Stay tuned, gamer!


What are CS:GO gloves?

Gloves in CS:GO are cosmetic items available in different models, patterns, and rarities. Players can receive glove skins from certain in-game cases, which require keys to open, or they can trade with other players or purchase them on the Steam Community Market.

How do the prices of CS:GO gloves vary across different platforms?

Oftentimes, third-party platforms offer CS:GO gloves for lower prices compared to those on Steam Community Market. It’s because Steam does not let users withdraw their money and takes a portion of the selling as platform fees.

What are the best gloves in CS:GO?

Among the best gloves in CS:GO, which stand out from the rest yet still are rather affordable, are Moto Gloves | Blood Pressure and Moto Gloves | Turtle. Check out our list of the best cheap CS:GO gloves to find out more.

What is the cheapest pair of gloves in CS:GO?

As of May 2023, the cheapest pair of gloves in CS:GO are Driver Gloves | Racing Green in Battle-Scarred condition, which costs $55. In Factory New condition, Hydra Gloves | Mangrove are the cheapest with the price of $399.

What are the odds of getting gloves in CS:GO?

According to the public data that Valve released in 2017, the odds of getting gloves by unboxing a CS:GO case is around 0.25%. It means that one pair of gloves is unboxed from only one of approximately 400 cases opened. Also, note that not all CS:GO cases contain gloves as Rare Special Items, so be mindful when picking a case to open.